Studio Guidelines

*Parents you are to drop off students only.  You will not be allowed to wait in the lobby during Dance Classes.  


*All Dance Classes will end 15min before the hour so that staff can disinfect and clean for the incoming classes.


*Staff will be present outside and inside to make sure students that are dropped off are entering and leaving the facility safely.

*Parents you must pick your child up between 45 and 55 on the hour (No Exceptions )

*For safety and distancing reasons, Incoming students can arrive no earlier than 10min before class starts.

*Students are not allowed to bring friends, spectators or bags, only personal water bottles or containers ( must be labeled with student’s name)

*Students are to wear masks upon entering and in the lobby.  Once students are in the dance rooms, masks are not mandatory to wear.

Thank you for following these guidelines as we are excited to restart Dance Classes.

 We have 3 different pay options: *1 class(1 student)  - $65 / 1 class(2 students) - $115

*1 Student Unlimited - $125 / 2 Students Unlimited - $210 *Payment must be made prior to being placed in classes.

 Once you've made your payment be sure to text 661-324-5678 to let us know what class to place your child in.  Our schedule below will update everytime a spot is filled so that you know what classes still have availability.  Thank You !

661-204-4884 Michelle Penn




5pm- Baby Ballet with Tabz (ages 3-6) 

5pm - Stretch & Turns Technique with Jada ( ages 9 & up ) 

6pm - Youth Ballet with Tabz (ages 6-9)  

6pm - Contemporary with Jada ( ages 9 & up ) 

6pm - TIK TOK Bucks with Devin (ages open )

7pm - Teen Hip-Hop with Dez (ages 12 + ) 

7pm - Hip-Hop with Titus (ages 8+) 

8pm - Teen Hip-Hop with Dez (ages 12 + ) 



4-5pm - Beg/Int. Ballet with Miguel ( ages 7-10 ) 

5-6pm Beg/Int Contemporary with Miguel ( ages 11 & up )

6-7pm Trinity’s Trouble Makers HipHop ( ages 7-11) 

6-7pm Buckwild’s Wildbucks HipHop ( ages 12+) 

7pm-8pm Buckwild’s YoungBucks ( ages 7-11) 

7:15-pm-8:15pm Tumbling with Melanie ( open age ) 



4-5pm Latin Fusion with Stephanie (ages 7-10 )

5-6pm Latin Fusion with Stephanie (ages 11 & up )

6pm - Lil Hoppers with E-Baby ( ages 2-6) 

6pm Dez youth (ages 6-10) capacity 6 

7pm Swagg HipHop with E-Baby ( ages 7-11) 

7pm Dez Youth Hip-Hop (ages 8-11)




5-6pm Youth Hip-Hop with Jason ( ages 7-10 ) 

6-7pm Beg. Swagg with E-Baby (ages 6-10)

6-7pm Teen HipHop with Dez (ages 11+) 

7-8pm Teen HipHop with Trinity (ages 12-+)

7-8pm Goldstarz HipHop with E-Baby (ages 50+)

8-9pm Teen HipHop with Trinity (ages 13+) 




Hours of Operation

Area of Service


Mon - Thu: 5pm - 9pm

​​Saturday: 9:30am - 1pm